Hubble's Constant Activity

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Calculate Hubble's Constant from Type 1a Supernova Data by plotting recessional velocity in Km/s on the vertical axis and distance in megaparsecs on the horizontal axis. The gradient of the line of best fit will be your Hubble's constant. You will need to read the PDF document or website below to familiarise yourself with the activity.

To make everything easier, use the third sheet in the excel file for your calculations as it has a build in calculator 

The website for the activity can be found here:

The type 1a Supernova Redshift Value (z) can be found at this website.

The type 1a Supernova Absolute Magnitude can be found at this website.

EXCEL SPREADSHEET - You will need to download this.

HUBBLE DIAGRAM INSTRUCTION SHEET - This will explain what you need to do.