Electromagnetism ~ IEC Transformer Kit

Electromagnetism ~ IEC Transformer Kit

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The new 'Hodson' Induction Kit is specially designed for student use to study electromagnetic induction, both DC and AC.

Runs on 12V for safety and contains an extensive list of parts including a 'squirrel cage' induction motor. A manual of experiments includes transformer theory, magnetising currents, electromagnets, electric motor and generator theory, losses in iron circuits, eddy currents, synchronous motors, mutual induction, effect of laminations and much more.

Students can wind their own transformer coils to produce outcomes and so on.

Read the PDF file to learn more about this very useful kit and see how it simplifies studies of the difficult to teach aspects of electromagnetic induction. Teachers can learn too.


NSW Physics Syllabus Reference
Module 6: Electromagnetism
Electromagnetic Induction

  • Analyse quantitatively the operation of ideal transformers through the application of: (ACSPH110)
    • 𝑉p 𝑉s = 𝑁p 𝑁s
    • 𝑉p𝐼p = 𝑉s 𝐼s