Lab Supplies ~ Bunsen Burner for LPG

Lab Supplies ~ Bunsen Burner for LPG

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Bunsen Burner LPG
RED BASE with air regulator
140mm height x 13mm tube
Nickel Plated Tube
Weight: 300gm
Jet Size: 0.45mm
Barb diameter: 8.9mm
Base material: Epoxy coated zinc casted base.

Specified Calorific value approx. 38MJ/m³

The LPG burners are designed to work with propane at 35 millibars or Butane at 28 millibars - an appropriate pressure reduction valve should be fitted to the gas cylinder.

Never use Bunsen burners or other ignition sources in a fume hood – fires in this location can get out of control quickly due to chimney effect, and the common use of fume hoods to store solvents and solvent wastes.