Lab Supplies ~ Bunsen Burner for Natural Gas

Lab Supplies ~ Bunsen Burner for Natural Gas

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Bunsen Burner ~ NATURAL GAS
BLUE BASE with air regulator
140mm height x 13mm tube
Nickel Plated Tube
Jet size: 0.7mm
weight: 300gm
Barb diameter: 8.9mm

Base material: Epoxy coated zinc casted base.

The natural gas burners can achieve the hottest temperature of 900 to 1000°C at the tip of the blue flame, while temperatures of the yellow airless flame are around 750 to 800°C. Please note that the exact temperatures depend on the gas pressure and chemical composition of the gas, which will vary site to site.

Never use Bunsen burners or other ignition sources in a fume hood – fires in this location can get out of control quickly due to chimney effect, and the common use of fume hoods to store solvents and solvent wastes