Electromagnetism ~ DC Motor Kit 'Hodson' Self Build (Set of 2 in jars)

Electromagnetism ~ DC Motor Kit 'Hodson' Self Build (Set of 2 in jars)

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The 'Hodson' Motor Kit is supplied normally as a pack of 2x kits (packed in strong jars). 

It allows the student to wind his/her own electric motor and to make the brushes required to run it. Knowledge comes from the exercise of winding the motor and predicting results.

The finished motor holds together well so an assembled sample can always be kept in the classroom to aid beginners. Students can even take home a motor to 'show mum'.

The motor can run as either a DC motor from a battery or as a synchronous AC motor from an AC power source or similar. The kit provides everything required, except for the 'D' cell battery, but there is room for a battery to be stored in each kit.



NSW Physics Syllabus Reference
Module 5: Electromagnetism
Applications of the Motor Effect

  • Investigate the operation of a simple DC motor to analyse:
    • the functions of its components
    • production of a torque 𝜏 = 𝑛𝐼𝐴⊥𝐵 = 𝑛𝐼𝐴𝐵sin𝜃
    • effects of back emf