PASCO - Wireless Spectrophotometer Fiber Optic Cable

PASCO - Wireless Spectrophotometer Fiber Optic Cable

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This 1m Fiber Optic Cable extends PASCO's Wireless (VIS) Spectrometer's capabilities beyond simple cuvette investigations, allowing students to perform emissions spectroscopy experiments using the Wireless Spectrometer (VIS). The cable is transparent to support the entire range reported by the Wireless Spectrometer (VIS), PS-2600.

Extend absorption studies to external beakers with a narrow beam, broad-spectrum flashlight (tungsten bulb) to follow titrations or timed reactions!

Designed for use with

  • Spectral emission tubes
  • Metallic flame emission studies
  • Follow titrations with narrow beam broad spectrum (tungsten) flashlight through beaker
  • Visible spectrometer only (opaque in the UV region (below 380 nm)


  • Emission studies (Flame and Spectral tubes)
  • Color change reaction outside the cuvette (colorimetric titrations)