PASCO ~ Standard Smart Cart PAStrack System

PASCO ~ Standard Smart Cart PAStrack System

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PASCO Dynamics Systems have been a staple in physics labs for more than 25 years. They are ideal for investigating mechanics topics such as velocity, acceleration, Newton’s laws, forces, collisions, and the conservation of momentum and energy. A variety of accessories can be added to expand your dynamics system's functionality, enabling students to study harmonic motion, projectile motion, optics and more.

This configuration includes two Wireless Smart Carts (one red and one blue), a plastic PAStrack dynamics track, and the accessories package.


PASCO Dynamic Systems

Discover a dynamics system that's right for your physics course. Choose from our rugged, polycarbonate PAStracks, available in expandable 1-m lengths, and our classic aluminum dynamics tracks, available in 1.2-m and 2.2-m lengths. Pair your track with our low-cost plastic carts, sturdy aluminum carts, or a pair of patented Smart Carts. Consider adding the accessory package to extend your applications. 


  • Smart Carts are completely instrumented with all the sensors you need for dynamics
  • Bluetooth cart connection facilitates live data displays on student devices
  • Carts feature two string tie positions
  • Red and blue carts for distinguishing during collisions
  • Connect multiple tracks, including curved options, for dynamic, hands-on engagement
  • Tracks are lightweight, affordable, and break down into segments for easy storage

What's Included