Waves ~ Loudspeakers (Pair - Large High Quality )

Waves ~ Loudspeakers (Pair - Large High Quality )

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This pair of Loud Speakers in Housings have 150mm diameter, 5 watt RMS twin cone speakers of 4 ohm impedance, of broad range and of good fidelity, mounted inside very strong housings. The metal grille protects the speaker cone from damage. Two 4mm sockets permit connection by banana plugs. These speakers were specially designed to operate with the IEC "Wave~Lab" dual wave generator but they can be used for general purpose work. To prevent coil burnout, these speakers have current limiting inbuilt.


NSW Physics Syllabus Reference
Module 3: Light and Thermodynamics
Sound Waves

  • Conduct a practical investigation to relate the pitch and loudness of a sound to its wave characteristics
  • Investigate quantitatively the relationship between distance and intensity of sound
  • Conduct investigations to analyse the reflection, diffraction, resonance and superposition of sound waves
  • Analyse qualitatively and quantitatively the relationships of the wave nature of sound to explain:
    • beats 𝑓beat = |𝑓2 − 𝑓1 |